Nuwara Eliya City Tour (Day Tour)

Choose your Day Tour..

As a most experienced travel agency we have known that you might be interest to travel aiming one city where you can enjoy its surroundings and experiences. Therefore we have provided you three options to select considering Nuwara Eliya City where you can select the places given in each optional package.

Option 1 {End in Horton plains ,Popular Tea factory,Ramboda falls,Gregory Lake}
From this package we are planning to cover the areas including world’s End in Horton plains, Popular Tea factory, Ramboda falls and Gregory Lake. Horton Plains is a beautiful, silent, world with some excellent hikes in the shadows of Sri Lanka’s second- and third-highest mountains where you can explore the Horton Plains National Park, with its exquisite fauna and flora, and trek to the highest plateau at World’s End. Ramboda falls and Gregory Lake will provide immense beauty to this coolest district.

Option 2 {St. Clairs Falls,Devon water fall,Devon fall view point,Tea castle and Victoria Park}
As an option 2 we are planning to take you for the places including St. Clairs Falls, Devon water fall, Tea castle and Victoria Park which are the most popular places around Nuwara Eliya City. The Victoria Park of Nuwara Eliya said to be named to commemorate the 60th Jubilee Coronation of Queen Victoria and the famous Tea Castle is located just close to Devon fall view point which is also called the little Niagara where you can enjoy all these places from this tour around the little England.

Option 3 {Ram Seetha temple,Haggala Garden,New Zeeland Farm,Kande Ella lake}
From the third package we are planning to cover the areas and places including Ram Seetha temple, Haggala Garden, New Zeeland Farm and Kande Ella lake.
Lake Gregory is one of the significant tourist attractions in Nuwara Eliya which was built by the Governor William Gregory during 1872 – 1877,and the New Zealand farm is also share this beautiful land with its own animal cottage. Kande Ela Forest Garden is adjoined to Hakgala Strict forest Reservation and Ram seetha temple provide the significant evidences to the epic of Ramayana where the queen of Rama hid her in the place where the temple now located.

Option 4 { Kitulgala }

Kitulgala is the most famous place for water rafting in Sri Lanka which is located about 80 kilometres from Colombo on the A7 main road that runs to Nuwara Eliya via Avissawella. It’s not only famous for water rafting but also popular as a movie location of where David Lean’s 1957 epic, Bridge on the River Kwai was filmed. Kitulgala also attracts bird watching enthusiasts and nature lovers in addition to the White Water Rafters where you can view of the birdlife abound in the Kitulgala Forest Reserve. We will provide Kithulagala as the 4th option where you can choose under this category. White water rafting is an adventurous water sport where you can enjoy with your crew and family as a group event.

Option 5 { Adam’s peak  }

Fifth option will be the most adventurous mountain hiking which can you can be experience in Sri Lanka. Adam’s peak “Sri Pada” is mountain located in the central province of the island which is about 2243m height. This conical mountain with a scared footprint on the top of the range where it is a sacred place for all the religions in Sri Lanka where Buddhist believes it’s belong to the lord Buddha, in Hindu believe its belong to lord shiv and Islamic and Christians believe its belong to that of Adamspeak. This is situated in the middle of two towns Rathnapura and Hatton where you can use these two paths as your mountain hiking entering gates. Surrounding area is largely forested hills and wildlife reserve which is housing many species varying from elephants to leopards with various endemic species.



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